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Hello Brush Lettering

Back in January, I made the decision to try and simplify my life by consolidating my various blogs down to a single blog. Now that I’ve tried it for three months, I’ve decided I don’t like having everything in a single place. I have two or three very distinct audiences and I don’t think any of them are being served well by me throwing everything on a single blog.

Another reason I’ve made this decision is because I’ve signed back up with Stampin’ Up!® as an Independent Demonstrator. By reviving this blog, I can keep all my card making and papercrafting posts in one place. This will make things much easier for my customers to find what they’re looking for vs. having to dig through a bunch of unrelated posts about other topics. For those of you who primarily follow me for my card making, I hope this will make it an easier experience for you.

Speaking of following, I’ve also reactivated my old Instagram account that went with this blog as well. I’d love if you would follow me there, too. My YouTube channel is still the same, so if you’re already subscribed to me, you’re all set. If you aren’t, you can simply click this link to directly subscribe to my channel.

If you’re interested in any Stampin’ Up products or want more information, check out the Stampin’ Up drop-down menu in the navigation bar near the top of the page (right below the header). Of course, you may also feel free to contact me directly as well using the contact link which is also located in the navigation bar near the top of the page.

Thanks for stopping by today. I’m glad to be back and I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me. Until next time …

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